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Certified Used Process

Step 1: Wash Bay

A machine that looks clean doesn't necessarily mean it is clean. Several hours in our Wash Bay guarantees a thorough degreasing and cleaning - every inch and weld seam - to remove built-up grease, oils, dirt, concrete, fertilizer, and everything else you can imagine.

190-degree steam removes and sanitizes the surface of even the most corrosive residue. This is one clean machine. Even your mom would be proud.

Step 2: Inspection #1

A clean machine is critical to providing a thorough, hands-on first inspection. If it doesn't pass this inspection, it will never see our sales fleet. 6% of the machines that come for inspection don't make the cut.

Step 3: Hand Prep

RWCI hand-preps each machine, checking the body and undercarriage, and repairing any metal, pitting, rust issues or fiberglass imperfections.

Step 4: Sandblast

Our paint process gets granular in our sandblasting booth. It's an indoor booth - so there's never a delay due to weather. Our eco-friendly full dust collection and air recirculation unit helps us capture and contain the 25 tons of sand per month it requires to go bare-metal deep.

Step 5: Paint & Finish

This isn't some rattle-can paint job, thanks to our high-tech indoor 16' x 16' x 60' cross-draft paint booth. Temperature and humidity controlled, we apply only the highest-quality primer and sealer, then bake-on premium, commercial-grade paint and finish at 160 degrees -- for a shine to last for years.

Step 6: Detailing

The difference is in the details. Every machine is retrofitted with new OEM decals, from cosmetic to safety, returning the machine as close to new as possible.

Step 7: Components Repaired & Replaced

Every major mechanical component is repaired or replaced if needed.

  • Engine
  • Drive-Train
  • Wheel hubs
  • Hydraulics
  • Electrical Systems
  • Hoses
  • Controls
  • Platform
  • Wear Pads
  • Powertrack
  • Sheaves
  • Tires
  • Glass

Step 8: Hands-On Inspection #2

Before it leaves the shop, it gets a second inspection. If any issues are found, they are repaired immediately. The machine is then given full service, including new filters, liquids and oils topped off. It's then put in our yard, photographed, and posted as inventory on our site.

Step 9: Final Inspection

Once a client selects a machine for purchase, it's brought into our shop where a third, and final, inspection is done, repeat testing, repairing or replacing. The equipment is then secured for transport, so you can trust it will arrive "Work-Ready."


See something you like? Feel free to ask us what work has been performed on each unit. Better yet, call us and we will gladly talk you through the work performed. Better, better yet, come to Flora, IL for a visit. We promise to impress.

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"They are just good people. Period. Good pricing with well-serviced equipment."

- A. Johnson - Large U.S. Equipment Dealer

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Heavy equipment that represents your business deserves sports-car treatment.
Our sandblast techs can gain 10 to 14 pounds over the course of a day from sand collecting in their pockets.
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A top JLG dealer said our paint work "looks better than OEM when it's new."
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We are told over and over by our clients that there is a positive correlation between a newly painted machine and high customer satisfaction ratings.
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